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John F.

1914-15 Star Medal Naming Convention Help

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Hello, Can someone please help me with the naming convention on this 1914-15 Star?   I am unsure of what the first line on the medal means "DEAL 3007-S"



British Medal Trio 6.jpg

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Thuis is a long shot admittedly, but as he was a Private in the Royal Marienes, might there be a connectiion to HMS Deal castle, which I believe was an RN shore base, named after a frigate which was lost in a storm in 1780?  

As I say, a bit of a long shot and RN is not my field, but I've never seen this kind of prefix on a WWI medals before.

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I've never noticed the unit abbreviation RM before, I thought it was always RMLI.

I should add that I only have one RMLI medal group so am not knowledgeable when it comes to their unit abbreviations.

John, if you're interested there's a service record for 3007 Thomas Flatley at the UK national archives http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D7863674

The linked page states transferred to the RNAS in 1916 so I had a look at Find My Past and came across a RAF service record to Thomas Flatley who joined the RFC (RNAS was left blank) in 1916 and whose prior service was in a RM medical unit. I can't say if it's the same man, only a comparison of both records will give confirmation but if you'd like the RAF service record give me a shout.


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Thank you for your help!



Thanks, however I don't own the medal. I found it on-line and was curious about the  "DEAL 3007-S" because I had never seen one named like that.


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