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The crown on the button, if that is a button, is a bit blurry but could be either a 'naval crown' or a 'mural crown', usually associated with cities and towns.  The style similar to the British military 'frock coat' of the Victorian period, though the row of very small buttons down the front is unusual, I think.  Also what I take to be slits down the sides [?] are unusual and thre braiding is very elaborate.  I wonder if it might be a garment made for, just as an example, an Indian [South Asian] or some fraternal organization, but modelled on a British style.  Hard to say without more information on the sewing and other details.  Interesting item!

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Indeed.  It's clearly too well made to be a theatrical piece and may well be from someone's army.  I'm by no means an expert on all aspects and periods of the British and Imperial Armies but it doesn't look quite right to be English 19th century.  I may be wrong!  

Can you tell whether it is hand or machine sewn?  I assume you'd have mentioned any labels or marks.  BTW, when I said 'may be Indian' I meant that it could conceivably have been a unifrom for one of the Indian princely states which were incorporated into British India. OTOh, as I say, it may be non-military.  One effect of having a large and successful empire is the tendency for people to ape one's fashions and fraternal groups were very strong in the late 19th century.   

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