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Hello all,thought i would share this sport's medal i have had for many years.i never could find much information on it other than its a silver medal for disk thrower.




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The Freikorps Hessen-Thüringen-Waldeck (also Hessisch-Thüringisch-Waldecksches Freikorps) was formed in January 1919 at Truppenübungsplatz (Military training center) Ohrdruff, Thuringia from remnants of the Imperial 38. Infanterie-Division. It was commanded by Oberst von Kornatzky. It had a strength of 3,457.


Freiwilligen-Regiment - 3 Battalions
- Minenwerfer-Kompanie
- Infanterie Geschütz-Batterie
Freiwilligen Husaren Regiment 14 - 2 Squadrons., - MG-Squadron
Freiwilligen Feldartillerie-Regiment 55 - 3 Batteries


By September 1919 when this sports medal was awarded Freikorps Hessen-Thüringen-Waldeck had become part of Reichswehr Brigade 11 of the Vorläufige Reichswehr (Preliminary Reichswehr), which had been formed in June 1919.

There were several Freikorps/Reichswehr Sports Wettkampfen (sports competitions) held in Munich in September and October 1919 and you often find different types of sports medals from these competitions awarded to different units.

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