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Bar came today ! Very happy with it ! 

Better shots seems it's all been together forever and seems correct 

i assume a Prussian with that LS cross In a Mecklenburg unit in the war zone since EK2 has black ribbon  ? Mecklenburg cross is turned I assume a native would not mount this way ? All ribbons and medals show equal age and fading to ribbons 

very tight sewn and professional mounted IMO

now for a combat Mecklenburg group




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Maybe it is obvious to most, but I have no idea how the EK could be combattant and the Mecklenburg is on non/combattant. What kind of official would get a combo like this?

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I have seen this many times on bars ! 

I believe you got the war ribbon for being in theatre of operation I if I remember correctly? If he was at home front it would be white non combat ribbon .could have been a medic field cleric supply any kind of support officer this is imo typical war merit group

i have no doubt this bar is correct

see his honor cross has no swords non combat 

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