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You've got real rarity!

I don't remember seeing such type for sale. I checked all my books and only Prof. Pavlov has this type listed.  

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Hi Igor


I saw this one on ebay not long ago. I have seen similar once more.

This one has features of the princely 1st St Petersburg emission {the cross form the obverse medallion and the loop on top}  and early Rothe King ferdinand model (the swords and the reverse medallion It is interesting piece

It is like what the French called "Hybrid' that is why New World could not find it in the books with the standard decorations

Here are some pictures of my early 1881-86 model

It is the 2nd St Petersburg Emission with very big letters on the obverse the medallion which is not flat

the reverse medallion is flat like the first St. Petersburg Emission


Also pictures of orders like yours but is the 1st St. Petersburg Emission (see the swords shape and the reverse medallion}  and like mine (part of an exclusive medal bar} They are not mine just for information

Picture 136.jpg

Picture 138.jpg

Medals 464.jpg

Real Gem.JPG

Real Gem1.JPG




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Hi Igor,


That what i suggested that your Order is an early Rothe. It is suggested that the very early orders were not made only by the Russian Makers , but few pieces made by Rothe do exist.and they are not mentioned in the books by the Bulgarian authors



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Fantastic pieces you guys have. In the next Kuenker auction there is a nice collection of Saint Alexander from different periods.  There is a 6th class swds above the cross with only 10 being awarded:lol:  Have only seen one other from that period and that was over a decade ago. No idea if they make copies in that grade.

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Hi Yankee,


Do you mean the model with the swords directly attached to the cross


It is very difficult to say whether it is copied or not Being rare model it can attract the attention of the wrong people.

I have one and I have seen few more It looks like that there are to variations of this model

Here they are

One comes form Bulgarian Dealers the other(the second one -  with more detailed swords on the back and no connetion on the mid point between the swords and the cross) comes mainly from Germany

They are very early Prince Ferdinand emission  by Rothe The design copy the model from the earlier Prince Alexander emission. Although I have seen only 4th and 5th Classes from Prince Alexander emission  but not 6th Class



BulgAl6XaR 02.jpg

BulgAl6XaR 08.jpg

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Hi Graf

Yes that is exactly what I meant.  It seems the one being offered at auction has the swds a bit more raised over cross then the one you provided.  Perhaps they are silver plate so I doubt they are of high quality.  I don't know the difference or if anybody knows the difference of a 6th class from Alexander's time to the early years of Prince Ferdinand.  Pictured is a 6th class of a solid silver example that was probably a private purchase.  Unless all the early ones were made of solid silver with the bulbous arms. This one is a two part construction,  most likely for the 1877 War. It looks identical to your gilded one however the swds on reverse I think were detailed.  Thanks



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