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Engraving info on the Medals

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For some reason I cannot reply to my own previous thread and update the info there ??

Here is the engrave / name info for medals #1-18



Brit 1.png

Medal 1 - 696333 GNR. F. WOODS. R.A.
Medal 2 - DVR. F.J. PATON. S.A.S.C.
Medal 3 - GNR P. SMITH S.A.H.A

the above 3 are WW1 Victory medals


Medal 4 - TR WHITEHEAD 1st LC
this is a Khedive Egypts Star 1882-1891

Medal 5 has no engraving or name

Medal 6 - S.J. BULL 4th REGt
this is a Crimean War Medal 1854-1856


Medal 7-8-9 have no engravings

They are: South African Pro Patria Medal and a UK War medal and a UK Defence medal


Medal 10 - 24270620 TPR. R.A. HEATH RTR
this is a Northern Ireland General Service medal

Medal 11 - 26201 PTE. J.G. GOLDEN 14-CAN. INF.
this is a UK British War medal

Medal 12 - 3390 PTe H. DICKENSON. L.N. LANC REGt
this is a UK Kings South Africa Medal

this is a UK Police Special Constabulary Long Service Medal

Medal 14 - 3390 PTe H. DICKINSON L.N. LANC REGt
this is a UK Queens South Africa 3 clasp medal

Medal 15 - 82922 CA WEBB
this is an Australian General Service Medal


Medal 16 - 192792 H.E. HOWARD
this is a South Africa Service Medal

Medal 17 - 5120. 2nd. CL. SSGT A. HILLYARD. MED S. CORPS
this is an Army long service and good conduct medal

medal 18 - 2923431 CPL. F. PRESTON .7 A&S.H.
this is a UK Territorial Efficiency Medal 1921-1930



Sorry to start a new thread ( I have no clue why I could not reply to my own thread and add this info )

if a Mod wants to combine them that is OK by me


Thank you everyone for your patience ... I will try to get medals #19-38 engrave / name info this week

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15 hours ago, paul wood said:

The KIng's and Queen's South Africa should be sold together as they are a pair.


Approx value for this pair ?

In US dollars ??

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There isn't really an approx. value for Commonwealth medals, the price for a QSA/KSA pair to a Pte. or any rank depends on his service record, unit, if he was wounded, killed, POW, died of disease, sat somewhere in camp peeling potatoes or white washing rocks, if he took part in any battles etc.

On the face of it about 100 GBP for the QSA depending on the clasps and £70 for the KSA but they need to be sold together and are worth more together.

The value in US$ depends on the daily falling exchange rate of the GBP. Checking out an online UK dealer list is an option.

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