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I purchased this HMS cap tally recently, but I have some doubts if it's a WWII era item. My doubts are based in fact I observed a use of some kind of sinthetic material when I did a burn test at a ribbon black thread. H.M.S. Cap tally - 01a.JPG

H.M.S. Cap tally - 01b.JPG

H.M.S. Cap tally - 01e.jpg

Another doubt I have is about the use of this kind of woven pattern at WWII era british tallies:

H.M.S. Cap tally - 01f.jpg

And my question is: There's a safe way to distinguish WWII era H.M.S. cap tallies from modern ones from pictures?







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Hi Ricardo,

I have a couple or original WWII ones - will make some photographs and post them.

Best regards,


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