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DSCN1438.JPGDSCN1440.JPGDSCN1433.JPGI am looking for help as to where I can find info on these medals. All from South Africa but from different times. Last one I put in is Mediterranean  it should read south Africa


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Queen's Mediterranean Medal - Awarded to Mediterranean garrisons during the Boer War


British South Africa Company Medal, Rhodesia 1896 - Awarded for service in the 1896 Rebellion.


SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL, 1877-1879 -   Awarded for campaigns in the eastern Cape Colony, Transvaal & Natal, including the 1879 Zulu War.

There should be names on the rims of the medals, which will be useful in obtaining further information about them.  Their commercial value has been considerably reduced by the loss of their suspenders and possible clasps.



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There is only one that is in really bad condition the other two can have the suspension replaced and the clasps once i know the information. One of them never had anything attached to it. I will post the names and any other info on the medal later. ANS THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP.

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