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Red Banner for SPG regiment commander

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New addition to the collection. Please meet Guards Major Aleksej Platonovich Mischenko, the commander of the 301th Guards SPG regiment during 23.07.1944 - 25.05.1945.

The regiment was formed on 20.05.1944 from 301th detached Guards Anti-Tank Artillery regiment. It was part of the 8th Guards Tank Corps during the rest of the war and was armed by 21 SPG SU-76M.

Mischenko 1945.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 16.10.23.png  Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 16.10.47.png

The research will follow.

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Hej, Paul... Could not find time to assemble proper research on the Major Mischenko... But here is some info for you. :)

No, that is not long service order. The order is given for the engagements during 18 - 22 August 1944. The interesting is that Mischenko just took over the 301st SPG regiment days before. So it was his first action in Regiment commande capacity.

The previous Regiment commander Gurds Colonel Lieutenant IONIS was killed during the battle of LUBLIN (25 July 1944). This is Mark Ionis portrait.


Information in the regiment history that the commande has been killed and buried in LUBLIN, Poland. 


Lublin operation, 301 Gv.SPG regiment is marked (23 - 27 July 1944). 


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301 Gv.SAP belonged to 8 Guards Tank Corps, 2 Shock Army. Here is the tactical sign of the 8 GuTC.

8 Gv.TK tactical sign.jpg

The heavy SPGs from 310 Gv.SAP in Danzig (Gdansk) 1945.

301GvSAP in Danzing 1945.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 00.29.24.png

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And so here is the citations for the Red Banner.

Regiment Commander Guards Major MISCHENKO distinguished himself in the fighting around TLUSH, KRUSHE-STARE, TROIANE and main road BELOSTOK-WARSAW. His regiment supporting the Corps's tank brigades was one of the first to cut the main road BELOSTOK-WARSAW, which cut of the main retreat way.

In the heat of the battle Mischenko was with his troops and despite the heavy artillery and mortar fire was directing the regiments forces. 

During the engagement 18 - 22 August 1944 the regiment destroyed: 

  • Tanks - 11
  • Veicles - 8
  • Artillery and MG positions - 16
  • Carriages - 10
  • Enemy troops - 145

For excellent execution of the orders and achieving the given battle goals, and exhibited personal gallantry MISCHENKO is recommended for the ordrer "RED BANNER".

22 Aug 1944

Signed by the commander of the 8 Gu. Tank Corps, Guards Colonel GRETSOV.



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This is outstanding!  Thank you!  I have not read much about the Lublin battle.  I know about the aftermath between the Soviet backed Polish and the Free Polish Army, after the city's liberation. 

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Guards Colonel Gretsov Victor Nikitovich (1907-1986) who signed the citation.


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