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Greetings all.

I have just won an auction with Boer War  Officers campaign item and this is the mystery item 16.5 cm across x 15.5 cm wide. The slot in the front is large enough to take a sword scabbard. Any assistance would be appreciated. Alf





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Just put myself out of misery -This is an officer’s MKii  horseshoe case with frog for sword scabbard sewn onThe sword frog attachment for officers was first introduced in 1901/ 1902…MKII This was a conversion of the MKI case by sewing on a frog.
The MKI case without frog would not have had the horizontal steadying strap. MKII has a steadying strap as does the MKIII. Both MKI and MKII had a single strap and buckle for securing to the saddle.
MKIII differed from MKII in having 2 straps and buckles for attaching to the saddle dees. Necessary for attaching to the MKIV saddle with the pair these on each side.

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