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This bar was researched by Two forum members and attributed to Klaus von Rosenstiel by the 25 year LS award and combinations of other awards including China medal for service in boxer rebellion on SMS Brandenburg  ! It's been discussed before but wanted to show it again 




Can anyone translate this ? I know it's a lot but I can't read German !



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I am rather biased about this one and it is a real beauty.

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Godet bars are always nice.


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It is a pleasure to see this bar!  It cannot be posted too much.  Thank you for sharing it. 

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Hi Scott

Here is a translation regarding my Great Grandfather's military record.

Hi Chris, 
here some help for understanding your great grandfather´s writing:

Father: Civil servant, royal domain tenant
Gymnasium: finished secondary school at age 18 3/12
Last rank: Navy captain (equivalent to army colonel)
Decommisioned: 1920-03-01
Last commission: Commander of Marine Regiment  1
Married: 1903-10-03 to Irmgard Freiin v. Wangenheim, b. 1881-06-20
Children: (this entry is obscured by tape)
At present: representative of Otto Hecht, Stettin, Agrarian equipment factory
Adress: Gabelsbergerstrasse 41

1892/93 Seacadet on „Gneisenau“, touring eastern US

1897/99 East Asia, squadron of cruisers, first lieutenant on "Prinzess Wilhelm“. Took part in occupation of Kiautschou on 14th November 1897, thereafter at staf of admiral Truppel. Visited Japan, Korea and chinese harbours. In the following „officer of security“ on „Arcona“: moving through the Carolines to Jaluit. 
1899 went home under sails. Visited the Persian Golf.

1900/01 travelling as security officer with  „Brandenburg“ to East Asia (Boxer Upheaval). No fighting commitment, instead visited Peking and the „prohibited city“.

1901/03 Torpedo-boat Division. Commanded a  torpedo-boat in the Lange Division, later commanded a training ship in the North Sea.
1903 took part in fleets visiting Scandinavia as a „communication ship“. At first all went smoothly, but due to an formal error consent was not achieved, that learned arriving at Trondheim/Norway: postponed marriage.

1903/05 very quiet land commission for the newly married at second Navy Artillery-unit .

1905/08 Torpedoboat-Approval Commission. Approval of boats  S 125, 130/31, G boats. After examination trips and final approval of S 138/49, I moved to Pillau with „child and wooden bowling pins“ („ mit Kind und Kegel“ is a common expression, meaning a complete move including the most precious possessions as well as the least ones). 
Loveliest commission as for freedom in acting, but a lot of trouble with the boats which failed the expectations.

After smaller commissions in 1909/11 first officer  on „Württemberg“. Lot of work, little joy. Learn a lot from from Felix Funke.

1911/14  2 and 1/2 years torpedo director at "Kaiserliche Werft" in Kiel. Stimulating, completely new kind of service. Futile efforts to expand the capacity. The war showed me right.
After unpleasant commission as first officer on „Prinzregent Luitpold“ (until June 1914) first officer on „Oldenburg“ until May 1915: mobilisation.
Advancement on British coastline. Mostly without contact with the enemy  we were anchored up in Jade.

Ask for transfer to Flandres. After introduction by lt. colonel v. Götze I take command on 20th of June 1915 of the third battalion 5th Marine Regiment (Dominik) in the dunes at Nieuport. My knowledge in artillery is very helpful in the entrenched war, also later on as commander of the first Marine Regiment (from 18th april 1916). Make some successful manoeuvring (raids?), especially in spring of 1918. Planned crossing of the river Yser july 1918 cancelled. Retreat fighting back  to the Lys canal. The regiment intact at ceasefire.
In Wilhelmshafen I participate in commandeering the „citizen guard“ 1n 1919/20 to fight off the bolchevists.

Decomissioned 1920-03.0, moving to Stettin. At first employee at the Pomeranian „Landbund“ organisation, then I chose to represent an agricultural machine factory, getting more freedom in acting.

I also wanted to clear up my Great  Uncles Military records. Only one of my great uncles was in the Kreigsmarine and that would have been Kaptlt. Hans Jurgen Von Rosenstiel (Nov 23/1921 - July 7/1942) .

My other great uncle was Maj. Walter Von Rosenstiel I.G. 387 inf. div. (OKH)-Oberkommado des Heeres and was stationed on the Russian front (July 7th/1907 - Sept 3/1944) when he past away from Septic shock.

The eldest son my grand father was Prof. Klaus Konrad Von Rosenstiel (May 7/1905 - July 8/1973) .

I hope that you find this information useful. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.



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