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Laurence Strong

Pole serving in 164 (Argentine) Sqn

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I am wondering how this worked out. The man was a Polish mechanic serving with - apparently - 164 Sqn which were Argentinian volunteers.


Did this happen? Were people seconded out like that?

All help appreciated.






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Another forum**  just posted some photos of 'Brazilian Poles' who volunteered to serve, apparently, with the Free Polish forces.  The poster mentions that his mother was an Argentinian Jew, of Polish and Bielorussian descent.  It may be that the Polish mechanic was likewise from somewhere other than Poland, that he spoke Spanish or simply that somebody decided to lump all the foreigners into one unit!  Not uncommon, however, to see such oddities.  The other Forum also contains, today, photos of a tunic badged Somerset L.I. but with the national flash 'New Zealand' on each sleeve as well, though no details on how that came to be. 

** [Wehrmacht Awards, British and Commonwealth sub-forum]

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Hello : take a look to Air force bages and insignia of WW2 . Guido Rossignoli . 

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