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Unknown Belgian Medal Box

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This arrived in my mailbox today.

The medal in it was the Belgian War Cross 1940-1945 (with palm "LIIIL") but it seems strange to me that the box has the monogram of King Albert I while the medail is from the reign of King Leopold III.

I'm thinking (or hoping :-) ) in the direction of Royal Household Decorations in which the "O" means "OR" (French for gold). The "O" is also the first letter of the Dutch name for the War Cross (Oorlogskruis) but if it is the box for a War Cross from the First World War, I think I should have found it already or at least seen it before. Which is not the case.

So if anyone have seen this box or know more about it, feel free to share :-)

By the way: The box is from Gustave Wolfers.






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