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Is this Japanese?

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With the chrysanthemum I'm thinking Japanese... but for the life of me after searching on the next for the last few hours I cannot find anything similar to confirm it. Hoping one of our members can help. Possibly police or ? if not military? If someone knows what rank is it for?

Unknown uniform 1.jpgUnknown patch 1.jpgUnknown collar tab 1.jpg

Many thanks!


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I'd say definitely not Japanese - their chrysanthemum has either 12 or 16 petals, can't remember which.  But it certainly has a post-WWII Asian feel.  

The rank insignia have definitely throw me off.  In most Asian armies, the officer ranks follow the rule of threes: one, two or three somethings from 2nd Lt. up to captain, then something else for major and add one or two of the original somethings for LTC and Col.  More or less like the Brits.  You typically wouldn't see four of anything until the rank of general.  Unless he's a warrant officer (W-4)?  NCOs typically have  sleeve insignia.  

I asked the smartest guy I know about Asian armies (a US Army FAO), and have included his comment below.  


QUOTE  Just a guess! Korea’s National Emblem contains a similar five-petal flower (The Rose of Sharon or Mu Gung Hwa) as the unit insignia on the uniform. But, to complicate this, the ARVN rank insignia during the war also used a five-petal flower. But this rank insignia is neither ROK nor Viet, to the best of my knowledge.  UNQUOTE

Can't wait to see others weigh in.  




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My deepest thanks Hugh! I sure hope one of our members can help me solve it. It's been driving me nuts! I hate it when I can't research and find things on my own and this one has me totally stumped!

I definitely agree it has that post war Asian army feel to it in my mind. I thought about South Korea, Taiwan, Japan... can't find any matches to save my life! Will keep pacing in the trench and hope someone comes up with it. If I figure it out I'll definitely post as well.

Thanks again!

God bless,


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