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I came across your pictures of the 1911 Merionethshire Police Officers whilst doing a Google search of Corwen Photos. I am doing some research for the museum in Corwen which covers the old county of Ederyrnion.  

I have two questions. 

Firstly is it possible with referencing, to use members information posted here at the museum (no commercial use) and secondly does anyone have any photos or documents they would be happy for us to use at the museum. The 1911 images which drew me to this forum would be an example. 

On a more personal note my grandfather was injured leaving Dunkirk and as a result was offered a position with the police force in Corwen. He came originally from mid Wales and  there are no family links to the area. Was this a normal thing to do? He would have been about 32. 

Many thanks Laura

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Hi Laura,

I have no issues with you using any information, I've posted. Glad it's of interest!!!!



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