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Hello dear Forumfriends


Christmass came early this year - and hence my newest and most probably last aquisition for 2016. A Altenburg Bravery Medal Grouping from a "Frontschwein".

The grouping of Uffz. Gerhardt Ernst consists out of the following

- Award Document Iron Cross 2nd Class  (1917)

- Award Document Altenburg Bravery Medal (1917)

- Award Document Hindenburg Cross  (1935)

His original awards also came along with the small grouping, his EK 2, Zink Altenburg Bravery Medal and Hindy Cross (Maker Marked G11). I love this small grouping as the soldier was part of the 1 MGK/Inf.Rgt. 93 and during WWI they saw quite some action on the Western Front. The Altenburg medal is really in excellent shape and has much of its Bronze finish still left and it is one of the only 15.586 Awarded pieces.

Uffz. Gerhardt was wounded twice during his service, once in 1917 and once in 1918. He should have reached the criteria for the black wound badge - no sign however if this was ever awarded to him.

He survived the Hell of WWI and returned to his hometown where we know that he was at least still alive in 1935.


Cordial greetings,














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It is a great little group! 

The Altenburg medal document is particularly nice in the company of the rest of the awards he earned.

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Hi Guys


Thanks for the comments! As a Altenburger Resident (Born and lived in Meuselwitz) he was eligable for the Altenburg Bravery Medal as regulations said as such

"Voraussetzung für die Verleihung ist, dass der Vorzuschlagende das Eiserne Kreuz 2 Klasse besitzt oder von seinen Truppenteil hierzu eingegeben ist, es aber nicht bzw. noch nicht erhalten hat."

As for Uffz/ Gerhardt, as he was awarded the EK2 on 21.06.1917 he fulfilled from that point on the regulations to be awarded the Altenburg Bravery medal.

With 15.586 awards a not so common award IMHO compared to the IC 2 :).

Cordial greetings

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