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New one Pound coin...............

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Unlikely to win any design awards, IMHO, but I can see the need after 30 years.  

I'm surprised that many L1 coins are out of circulation, though, given their purchasing power.  When Canada first introduced the 1 dollar coin, popularly known as the 'loony', for the bird on the back, many guys I knew started 'loony jars' to replace '25 cent piece jars' as a painless way to save 'spare change' for the hobby/beer/dog races or whatever.  However, it quickly bevcame clear that one could easily wind up with a week's wages or more in the jar and it became in fact a measureable drain on one's finances rather than an unnoticeable trickle down. 

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Despite what you might see on Facebook or up for auction on Ebay. Pound coins dated 2016 are NOT rare or worth thousands!!!!!!! Simply the Royal Mint started producing them last year ready for release, hence the 2016 date. I further fear that all this hype about flawed examples, will prove to be nothing exciting in the coin collecting world either. By all means sit on any examples you may have, as who knows, but don't rush out and spending your hard earned cash to buy everyone you find on Ebay, under the delusion that they'll be an investment. 

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