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Seeking Info on Kriegsmarine 1944 EK.2

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Good Morning Gentlemen,  I have the pleasure to report of my recent success in researching the EK.2 I inquired about here on the Forum. It appears as if the handwritten ( in pencil ) ship number that's noted on the upper left corner of the document is indeed correct. ( THANKS again to 'Hucks216' for pointing that ever so important notation out to me ! ) Although I'm still waiting for WASt to reply with the detailed service data I recently requested, they ( WASt ) did contact the recipient's Daughter for me, & just last night she responded via E-mail. It wasn't the detailed service information I would have preferred, but, it did confirm for me that his Schnellboot number was S-188, as we had surmised. She didn't state the actual number, but by her description of two particular events her Father mentioned, I'm pretty certain that he was aboard S-188 when he earned his EK.2. I'd love to hear anyone else's opinions as to if I'm right or wrong in this assumption, & will truly appreciate any additional input. In closing, his Daughter said that if I wished any additional information, I should ask & she would try to answer them. I was kind of hoping that I'd get the type of reply I myself would provide, but I guess not everyone's a collector / researcher type like us. When I do send her another set of questions, I think I may be better off having it composed in German, as I feel that my reply would be much more precise. Hopefully, I'll be able to find someone to compile a few questions for me in German, at a decent price. The Daughter may not even know, or recall a great deal of the Father's Kriegsmarine service, particually the details I'm seeking, Flottila assignment(s), service dates, other awards, etc. Just maybe she will manage to dig up a copy of his WW2 service file, or discharge papers, but I'm proably asking for a bit too much here. As always, I'll keep everyone updated as to my progress in this matter. Honestly, I really never thought I'd get as far as I have already ! THANKS AGAIN      

               Best,     Dom Pastore Jr.     ( dpast32@aol.com

 >>> Please see below for the Daughter's E-Mail;

( NOTE that this E-Mail has been posted exacly as I received it, without any corrections, etc. )

From:  'Herbert Gobel's Daughter'
To dpast32@aol.com
Subject:  Germany ( Herbert GOBEL, S-188 WW2 )
Date:  Monday, 27 February 2017 / 4:02 pm
Hallo good evening in USA,
We get a letter with the information that you are interested to hear any about my father Herber Göbel.
I'm the dougther. My father did in 1993. Later the war he was police till he finished working.
I'm the only child of him.
We live in the same town where he lost his live.
His time in the German Marin was hard. Two twice his boot was perished and he must swim in the canal between France and England long times without secure anybody will catch off him. With many luck two twice German ships found him. He comes at home later war and start his particular life.
So I think you have a little information of him. If you like more information let have mi your questions.
           Heidrun Rudolph borned Göbel
Von meinem iPhone gesendet

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this is more of a supplement than really new stuff, but I thought I post it anyways:

In the late evening hours of 9th June 1944 the 2nd and 4th Schnellbootflottille attacked enemy ships in the northern and middle section of the Seine-Bay. S-188, S 172 and S-187 of the 4th Flottille sunk a ship each.

This was considered the most prominent success of the S-Boote during the allied invasion.

p. 180pp; Schnellboote im Einsatz 1939-1945 by Volkmar Kühn, Stuttgart 1976


S-188 severely damaged by air raid on  3 o´clock 15th June 1944 in Le Havre, broken up 20th August 1944 according to Gröner, vol. 2 p. 159.

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THANKS GreyC, I appreciate the input. Some of what you just posted appears to be a bit more detailed than what I already have. I have some additional data I'd like to post here, but I'm on my way out at the moment. I'll be back tomorrow, so stay tuned,

      Best,    Dom

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