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Hi Gentlemen,

can you tell me something about this medal?

Thanks Uli









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Hello Uli;

I don't have anything to add that you don't probably know yourself.  

It is obviously a medal from the short-lived organization, Aero Club of America (1904-23) before it was transformed into the National Aeronautical Organization.  It is engraved to Paul Prouvost in appreciation of his services to US pilots (as trainer?).  Interesting that it is dated from "1914 -1918" and not just from when the US entered the war in 1917.

I think this piece would be of interest to three types of collectors; 1) Collectors of everything "Aero Club of America", 2) Engraved to individuals medallion collectors or 3) Between the wars US aviation collectors.

I couldn't find Paul Prouvost on a simple internet search.  If ANYTHING more could be learned about Mr. Prouvost, it would add greatly to the interest and enjoyment of this personalized piece.  There might be more through the historical records kept by the National Aeronautical Organization. 

Good Hunting!!

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Interestingly, the primary book on the ACA is "For the Greatest Achievement (A History of the Aero Club of America and the National Aeronautic Association)", by Bill Robie.  Published by Smithsonian, 1993.  LT Prouvost does not appear anywhere in this book, does not appear to have been licensed by the ACA, and was apparently not a member of the ACA.  Likewise, while other awards given by the ACA are noted and their recipients identified, this particular award is not identified in the book. Looks to me like a real rarity.

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