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Yugoslavia - Order of Merits for the People III

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Radmilo,  Many thanks for doing this (and the other) threads here.  I'm slowly working backwards through this forum finding out a lot of great information.

I've added an old image of my T1.2.1.  It has no hallmarks sadly but the patina on this old image (no more than 10 years old) makes it almost surely silver.  The light gray patina on the screwplate you see here has changed to a very dark gray/almost charcoal black.  And the reverse of the Order is very smooth and reflective while continuing to patinate more slowly.  It's very 'shinny'.

natl merit3oa.jpg

natl meritR.jpg

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Don't mention it, Eric. 
It took me a few years to collect all those variants, I'm in the process of doing the same for the 2nd class. I just need to find a couple more and then I'll start a separate topic about it.
I'm pretty sure your order is made out of silver even though it's not hallmarked. When I described that type on the previous page I even wrote: "Some examples were not hallmarked." I don't know why is that the case, perhaps the simply forgot :)

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