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WW1 Campaign "Trio" to founding family of So. Africa ?

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Hello Folks,  Not sure if any one's really interested in this, but I figured I'd mention it anyway. A few years ago I picked up a basic WW1 Cpgn "Trio", primarily because the recipent was a member of the 6th Bn. Cameron Highlanders who had been WIA at the battle for Hill 70 at Loos. ( Private Alan HOCKLY. He was later commissioned a Lieutenant in the 11th Yorks & Lancs, then the R.E. ) Upon a little research, I determined that the guy was a member of one of the founding families of South Africa. ( Or so I've been advised ) In fact, his isyounger brother Daniel wrote "The story of the South African settlers of 1820", or some similar title. If anyone wishes to comment on this unusual group, I would love to hear from them. THANK YOU

  Best,     dpast32



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