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Here is a small group, welcome your thoughts, also any help with signatures and which (if correct) unit he won the EK1 with, as ever many thanks, Paul 



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Very nice indeed... and as Ostpreussenmann says, rare to a gefreiter. I have maybe only 8-10 docs to such "lowly" ranks. Bavarian EK1s to lower ranks are scarcer than Prussian as Bavarian units had other awards they could give out instead of the EK1

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The EK2 document is signed by Maximilian v. Zwehl (1863-1918), killed in action as commander of the 8. Infanterie-Brigade.  The signature on the EK1 document looks like "Fuchs". Wegner's Stellenbesetzung does not have a complete list of IR 167 commanders, but if it is Fuchs, it is probably Adolf Fuchs from FR 36 (Oberst on 22.3.18).

Metzler was wounded in late 1918 with 11./RIR 83, and RIR 83's Ersatz-Bataillon had already been disbanded, so that probably explains why IR 167 issued the EK1 document.  This was his second wound. He had been severely wounded in April 1915 as a Musketier, also in 11./RIR 83.

His hometown of Wörrstadt is in Rheinhessen, so there's a chance he also had the Hessen Tapferkeitsmedaille.

Twice wounded, once severely, and several years in the field or in a Lazarett. I'd say he probably earned his EKs.

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