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Order of the Iron Crown

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Dear fellow collectors

I hope you can help me to determine the age of this Order of the Iron Crown.

There is no gold hallmarks, but it is tested to be at least 21 karat gold. Although the "top ring" is missing, I have come to like this piece because of its very fine details. The ribbon is not from this order. Top rings have probably been removed when orders had to fit into a Scandinavian groups of decorations. It is certainly one terori.

Best regards





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First of all, you have a marvellous piece *.* Must have been expensive....

So, you won't be able to tell an exact year or even a decade with these. A few things are certain though.

1: Not an early (early 19th century) variant, which was quite different from these

2: Not wartime piece neither, considering there is no war decoration and the piece is plain gold, not goldened bronz. Definitely a peace example. 

3: The later, latest ones have the numbers on the back in a, let's say' more modern and conventional font style, instead of this overornamented one. 

Based on these I'd say sometimes between the later part of the 19th century - 1914. It is still more decades but in my opinion it cannot be concluded more certainly. Though I admit I am not a hardcore expert in this particular order.

(p.s.: How did you mean the ribbon is not from this? Not from this particular piece? Because otherwise it is a fine Iron crown band:) )



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A very nice pre-Great War Knight's breast badge, the workmanship from this period is of the highest quality.


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For me it looks like very early version of the last type. Maker´s mark and enamels in the crown are indicating that it was made about 1870. It´s private purchase in gold. However as you have mentioned correctly ellipse suspension with “pearls” is missing but it could be done by purpose, for instance to fit on the bar. The ribbon is also correct and it seems to be quite old.   



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