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I wonder if anyone can help me please.  I have recently acquired this lovely old British Sabre sword.  However, I am having trouble aging it and distinguishing the pattern.

I have had a look online and it looks similar to a British artillery Sabre.

The blade is marked with what looks like a crown over 3, but this is the only mark I can find anywhere.

The grip is made of iron.

Does anyone have any idea on the age of this, or who would have used it?

Many thanks



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If you can give us the exact dimensions to the sword this may help with identification and a photograph of the blade tip would help as well.

Nice sword by the way, regards Simon

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I agree with Coldstream that exact dimensions and perhaps a phot taken in brighter light would help.  The style suggests, to my not very expert mind, late 1700s [1780 on?] to 1840 or so, when this 'stirrup hilt' was popular with a lot of armies, usually for cavalry and artillery.  

The style of crown would help prove it British but most of the British ones seem to have had metal, not leather covered, scabbards and the 'iron' grip is a bit of a puzzler too.  perhaps it was leather wrapped and that leather is now missing?

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