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Forumites, I am hoping some of you can shed more light on the career of this officer. I would like to add more detail than what follows. Existing data comes from a number of sources including but not limited to: Weill - Ferko Collection, Univ. of Texas/Dallas. Please help if you can.....

Ltn. Weill, Walther 

Birth date:______, beleived born or lived in Karlsruhe, Baden.

Recipient of KC 2nd Class w/Swords of the Baden Order of the Zahringen Lion 7/28/15

while an artillery officer with 3. Ober-Elsässisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 80. (Formed Colmar)

FAR 80. Battles: Vosges, Champagne, Yser/Ypres (10/30/14 to 9/30/15), Verdun, Somme, etc.

joined Artillerie Flieger Abt. 213 on or about 3-8-16. 115 Patrols as aerial observer 3-12-16 to 2-17-17

Staff officer with 1st and 7th Armee*. Artillery and Wireless Radio Instructor at Flieger Beobachter Schule – Koln

Beobachter abzeichen 5/3/16 after 25th mission.

Service History? Postwar History? Date of Death/Location? Thank you!! 

Lt.Walter Weill AFA213 3-9-16.jpg

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Weill, Albert Walther, *31.5.1889 in Karlsruhe, †10.11.1961 ebenda.  His name was changed to "Weill-Thomsen" on 24.1.1929.  He received his Dr.jur. on 13.6.1913 from the University of Heidelberg. From 1912-29 he was a Gerichtsreferendar/Gerichtsassessor, and has a personnel file from the Baden Justizministerium in the Baden Archives. ( https://www.deutsche-digitale-bibliothek.de/item/37IKNOHECRJFFOVOMRBMYKONONGUVWQF ). Afterwards, he was a Fabrikdirektor.

He was Jewish by birth, but was baptized on 27.7.1896 in Karlsruhe.  On his birth certificate below, there are a number of marginal notes on the left side.  First is the 1929 name change. Then there is a Nazi-era name change adding "Israel" to his given names (based on a 1938 law changing Jewish names). Then there is another Nazi-era decree reversing the "Weill-Thomsen" name change.  Then, a 1946 decree reversing the Jewish name law, and a 1948 decree restoring the "Weill-Thomsen" name change.

The birth certificate, and the dates of baptism and death, are from records on Ancestry.com.  The date of his dissertation is from the Jahresverzeichnis der an den deutschen Universitäten und technischen Hochschulen erschienenen Schriften.



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Hi Dave! I cannot thank you enough for this trove of very interesting data on Weill. None of these facts appear at all in the sizable Weill photo/document archive now at the University of Texas, Dallas (Tx.). I am pleased to be able to add this to my research and will also pass along to the UTD library. Thank you again for your valuable contribution! Rob

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