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Hi all,

As part of a small collection, i got this Lincolnshire Wolseley.. and need some information.

How old is it?
What is the value of such helmet?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards
Morten, Denmark





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6 hours ago, Michael Johnson said:

The Lincolnshire Regiment was in Bermuda in 1914, so could be older. I think by 1943 the helmet flash would have been obsolete. 

except the dome vent and liner suspension was introduced c.1930 and the foil lining was used in 1942/3. There was an earlier period when the foil was used but not in conjunction with the vent and liner of these types.

it might have been pimped.

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The three fold puggaree indicates 1941. The Puggaree being a different colour is a little "suss" but being colour-blind I can't comment further.

The foil interior lining was patented in 1933 and the Vero's liner in 1925. The latter was by far the most used system for headbands.

The flash was of 3" x 2" blue with embroidered Sphinx and a blue over red stripe as the top folds of the puggaree as defined by the 1929 clothing regulations. However, it is doubtful that such was the case at this later stage of WWII.

The puggaree badge is interesting as it seems to have the word "EGYPT" almost completely erased. Perhaps this is because the helmet was to a territorial or some such battalion rather than a regular one.


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