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Hello, I bought this bar named to Erich Steinhause and I would like to research it more but I dont know anything else other than the name. Is there somewhere I could find information on him? If I just had his birthday that would be enough Any Help would be appreciated


Oberstleutnant a.D. Erich   Steinhausen 1a.jpg

Oberstleutnant a.D. Erich   Steinhausen Award Info - Copy.jpg

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Erich Ernst Friedrich Steinhausen.

The database of Berlin births, baptisms, etc. on Ancestry.com states that he was born on 20 July 1867 and baptised in Berlin on 16 September 1867.  However, the marriage register of the Spandau garrison gives these dates as 20 March 1867 and 16 April 1867.  So, someone may have confused a 20.III. with a 20.VII. and a 16.IX. with a 16.IV.  I have no idea which one was correct, but my guess is the Spandau register is correct.  He married Alwina Feist (*8 March 1873) on 26 September 1905. 

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