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Let me start by saying that I have been go far too long.  After working my tail off as we say and  I've been diverted away from my collecting interests I had a client present me with the following medal.  I have never owned one quite like it.  I know there are table medals of the same award struck in bronze.  However, I have not seen one with a suspension and20170322_191633.thumb.jpg.854fe3e1a3f1e7880bceec8f335ad31a.jpg20170322_191653.thumb.jpg.2d4239ebe8cf28cdcacd111494ec9a24.jpg20170322_191718.thumb.jpg.fa7e26a5cc83cd35d23ec5be4c15fc29.jpg ribbon and this one is struck in Silver.

Any comments are greatly appreciated.  It certainly is good to be back and I look forward to rekindling friendships.






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