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Researching Imperial Austrian Soldiers

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Can someone point me in the right direction? My wife's great grandfather Frantisek PINC was born in Stehlovic, Bezirk Mulhausen, in the Kingdom of Bohemia in 1834. I heard once he was in the Austrian Army in Italy, so I'm guessing it might have been the Second Italian War of Independence, also called the Franco-Austrian War, Austro-Sardinian War or Italian War of 185, depending what you call it?  I figure he would have been enlisted in 1854 and served until 1864.  He didn't get married until 1867 and that matches up to hi having been in military service. I've dug through the records of Infanterie-Regiments Georg Prinz von Sachsen Nr.11 which should have been the infantry regiment that recruited in his area during this period. But alas nothing. I did find a Frantisek PINC, but the wrong town and birth year.  Anyone have any ideas?

I know the name spelling is correct and his birth place and date because we have those original family documents (Entlass Schein).

I'd appreciate you're help.  I can read the German so that helps, but its like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

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Hi Daniel

I've joined so I can tell you that I think you have surely found your man!

the name is not one of two. There is only one that matches the man you search. The odds are it's him.

i think if you work from that assumption you could then find more facts that fit or don't.,...


may I just add these thoughts....


•are military Dop and Dob correct or are your papers correct ?

- yours are surely!

So I say

Army copied down something wrong one day  


he lied to them for some reason.......




Best Wishes


((that's me keeping it short!  I have more thoughts))





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Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, I don't think its him.  The dates in the other entries don't line up at all.  By the time of the dates in this document he is already in America.

I think I have the incorrect regiment, or its not complete.  It must be either 11 of possibly 35.  

Here the doc I found for PINTZ.  There was another PINC but again the wrong DOB year.


PINC MIlitary (1).jpg

PINC MIlitary (8).jpg

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That's a shame - a different continent no less. That settles that!

 Still I wonder if there is a family connection? I'd be surprised if Frantisek is a name used that much - so perhaps it was a Grandfathers name,or similar, then used by cousins or related family....

either way - doesn't help find your man.

A final thought.

In 35's region there were a couple or so Divisional/Brigade HQ (post 1968 ). They may have been there earlier. I don't know anything about recruitment for General Staff or their records. But. If your man had the means to emigrate to America then possibly he had status/high rank while serving?

Dont know where you'd start but maybe it's a possibility.

best of luck


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As a follow up to this.  I found him! After going page by page through more than 6000 files, I found him. 

He was in the 11th Austrian Infantry Regiment "Georg Prinz von Sachsen".

Now I could use some help from a native German speaker that can help me with the handwriting.  What I know is: Ort: Stehlowitz, BezirK: Muhlhausen, Kreis oder Komitat: Budweis, Land: Bohmen.  Geburtsjahr: 1834, Religion: katolisch, Stand: Ledig, Profession: ?  That all matches other family docs I have.

I sure could use some with the rest of it.  next stop is to figure out if he was in the Italian campaign of 1859 and the battle of Solferino,.



This Entlass schein which was the secret to finding where to look in Bohemia is still in the family's possession aftetr 100+ years.  It confirms the birth year and place of residence Stehlovic and Muhlhausen.  The family name has changed to PINTZ now.  But the church records show PINC.

Edited by Daniel Cole

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hi Daniel


ive just seen your update.

I wish I had your perseverance! 


I hope someone does help you with the translation....


best wishes


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