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Colombia-Order of Democracy

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There is not really too much information about this order through internet.Instituted-?Awarded-Royalty and Head of States.Number of awarded-?Grades-?

1.Etue -Dimension 30x40cm,brown leather

Snímek 014.jpg

Snímek 015.jpg

2.Chain.Probably guilted silver?Weight-250gr.badge wih the chain.Details of the chain.Reverse of the badge-plain.




3.Shoulder ribbon wih the badge.Star:dimesion-9cm,weight-150gr.Probably-bronze




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The Order of Democracy of Simon Bolivar (Orden de la Democracia Simón Bolívar), to give the beast its full name, was insitituted in 1980 and is awarded in six classes (Grand Cross with Gold Star, Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer and Knight) for 'extraordinary services to Colombia'.

This would be the top class, I imagine (except they have taken to calling it 'Grand Cross with Collar' now): a delight to see such a set - haven't managed to find images for my website yet, alas.

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Mrs.Robertson,I am not sure but I expect 2 different orders.When we ask Wikipedia we have picture of orders with a portrait of Simon Bolivar and next one with a building.Maybe I am wrong,maybe I am right.


...or there were 2 versions of Order of Democracy.first it was called the Order of Democracy and after some time it changed into Order of Democracy of Simon Bolivar.

E.g. in Czechoslovakia were 3 versions of Order of Republic.They have a different design...,also In Romania,USSR were versions of many orders,...etc.

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