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Douglas Jr.

Help with translation Feldartillerie Regiment 55

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I recently ought this 1915 dated postcard, mostly because of the guy on the right, holding an Artillery luger pistol (Lange Pistole 08).

However I'm curious about the content of the inscription on the reverse.If someone could translate it I would appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Artillery Luger - 1915 front.jpg

Artillery Luger - 1915 reverse.jpg

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Hello Douglas:

Here is the translation:

In firing position Eastern Front 20. June 1915

Dear mother and ?? ( Reinhard? )

enclosed a snapshot in the firing position in the forest. Please preserve.

Yesterday I received three parcels with cake ( tasted good ), butter and cheese, ??? and Maggi ( note:  Maggi was and is a popular manufacturer of soup concentrates and condiments)

Many thanks. Midday today we had Rumford soup (note:  a thick soup with barely, peas and vegetables ) and potatoes in their skin ( the English term escapes me) . It is well that we still have potatoes.

Greetings from the heart,


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I made a research at the Volksbund site, where the German war graves are registered.
It seems that the postcard sender - which I assume was named Karl Göttel - didn't survive the war.
Although there are 10 individuals listed with the same name, eight of them died during WWII and were too young to have fought during WWI. From the others, one was KIA in 1914 - before the mailing date of this card. The final one, KIA in June 6th, 1918, is, unfortunately, a close match, as his rank was Kanonier and he is buried in France - according with some on line references FAR 55 was engaged on the Western Front at that time.
Sad ending, I guess.

karl goettel.jpg

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Hello Douglas.

Thank you for posting this sad ending of this soldier's life.

It is indeed highly likely that this soldier is the man the postcard pertains to.

Bernhard H. Holst


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