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The Awards of the Slovak Republic after 1993

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I am sure it could be an interesting topic.Really I do not have many Slovak awards from this period in my collection,but many of them have gone through my fingers,and they will go through too.There are not many collectors of the awards of this period.There are many reasons.If somebody is interested why I will explain.First I will show some I have got the snaps I left.Later I will have to do some more pictures.Have a good fun having a look at them.

1.The Bagde Pilot -Cosmonaut of the Slovak Republic.The badge  was created because of opportunity of the flight of the first Slovak cosmonaut Ivan Bella in 2000.Obverse-the spaceship around the globe,in the middle with the territory of the Slovak Republic.Around the bagde is written-The Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Slovak Republic.Material is silver,marked at the reverse.Screwback.In nice etue,with the certificate inside.50 badges were awarded,e.g.n. 1-Ivan Bella,n.2-reserve cosmonaut -Fuljer,,n.3-the President of the country...etc.The slovak language  took the using of russian word,not american the Cosmonaut,not Astronaut.


                diameter 45mm

                weight     34 gr

               authors-Ivan & Igor Chyla

Made in Mint Kremnica

I have got the badge with number 28 in my collection.I had 3 of them ,but they had been sold.




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2.The Medal of the President of the Slovak Republic

It was awarded for representing of the good name of the state and for the certain merit.

It is the 3rd grade of the award The Cross of the President of the Slovak Republic

Its diameter is 35mm.Made from bronze.In the obverse we can see the silhouette -online of the Bratislava Castle and Martin Dome.In the revese the signature The Medal of the President of the Slovak Republic with the state sign.The award came into being in 2001 on the proposal of R.Schuster,the 2 President of Slovakia.Also I had in my collection the 1st and 2nd grades.Now they are away in the collections of other collectors.

I am sorry for the deleting of the name in the certificate.

At present time a new design of the award is used.Apologise for not showing it.Simply, I do not have it in my collection.


Snímek 001.jpg


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ID: 3   Posted (edited)

3.Commemorative Medal of the Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic

The medal was established in 1998 mostly for military percons to appreciate them for merits in the defence of the state and widespreading of its good name.

It is in 3 classes.In the picture I am showing is the medal of the 1st class.In silver,gilted.

The medal in the 2nd class is from bronze -silvered.

The medal in the 3rd class is from bronze.

The diameter of the medal is 40 mm.

Obverse-the state sign of slovakia

Reverse-the sign of the Ministry of Defence

IMG_1432 [Rozlíšenie obrazovky].jpg

Medaila MO SR.JPG


4.The Medal for Humanitarian Assistance

It was established in 2004 to award mainly military persons for their work in peace missions or for help in developing countries after natural calamities or other disasters.It is very rare,but the design is simple.It is not interesting for collectors.Only me and Ed Emering have it,I suppose.

Made from white metal ,diameter 36mm.

Obverse-an abstractive picture

Reverse-a logo of Ministry of Defence of Slovakia.




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5.Awards for Judicial and Prison Guards

The  awards were established from the Czechoslovak awards of Corps of Remedial Education.I can show ony two of them:

The Award For Merit in Slovak Prison Guards.Is is from white metal,diameter-36mm,in the picture is the 1st grade.The award looks like a flower.

The next one in the pictures is 30 years of Slovak Prison Guards.The medals are in silver and white metal.Dimension 28X36mm.

In the 3rd picture are the reverses of both together.



Snímek 004.jpg

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ID: 5   Posted (edited)

6.Slovak Red Cross

There are some awards of this instution.I can show only the most common-Medal of Josef Jánský.The medal for blood donors is in 4 grades

Bronze medal  -for 10 non-contributory giving of blood-red ribbon

Silver                for 20                                                    blue ribbon

Gold                 for 40                                                    white ribbon

Medal is 26 mm in diameter .Made from bronze ,sivered,gilted.

I have not got the picture of the Platinum grade for 60 blood giving.

There some more versions of this award.The reverse of the medal is plate.




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7.I am going to add the next picture of the 2nd and the 3 rd grades of the Commemorative Medal of the Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic .The medals in the picture are together with the Honour Badges of the Army of the Slovak Republc.Badges are in 3 classes and are given to soldiers of the army for responsiblle service.The 1st grade is in gilted silver.The images of the Honour Badge is the cross ended with falcons in the end of them.


8.The Cross for Adherance to the Army of the Slovak Republic.The award is in 3 grades.The 1st grade-for 15 years of the faithful service .The cross for 1st grade is in slver.The 2nd grade is for 10 years and the 3rd grade for 5 years of service.The dimensoin of award is 4 cm.

The N1 left is the Medal of Slovak Pilots.The medal right with the sign of Slovakia is the Medal for Advancement of the Military Academy in Liptovský Mikuláš


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