1870 EK II

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Good afternoon Gentlemen,

This is my first post on this forum. Previously, Brett Hendey has been kind enough to post some items for me ( Schinkel EK I)

I'm not sure, if this 1870 EK II is of later manufacture as I bought it as such. Is it possible to determine the year this cross was made? Your opinion is much appreciated.210.thumb.JPG.b2b15528e6b5533ee8301cf421542640.JPG212.thumb.JPG.da46504323bb7124a8c95d238be5db5c.JPG215.JPG.e9c0946f2344702af47952d6c8293bd4.JPG213.JPG.717ef4f1a66a3bc3195d55936145c146.JPG

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