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Greek Army in WWII questions

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I know very little about the internal workings of the Greek Army in World War II, so I hope someone can enlighten me with some information.

1.  How common was it for a man to be commissioned from the ranks?

2.  How long would a second lieutenant stay in that rank during wartime?

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Hello: Greek army officers were since 1828 instructed at a Academy founded by Capodistrias . but these not excluded the promotion from rank and file . Greece was involved almost endessly in wars .by the end of the 19 th century , the greek army had a system of reserve officers training . the frequency of the commision of rank and file individuals varied according with wartime or peace time exists . I do not know the greek system but i can say you that : In the spanish army of the twenties existed the so called oficiales chusqueros ,Ncos with at least 15 years of service who opposited for a commision as second lieutnant . or in wartime and youngers , acceded to a commision by way of heroism . always under certain bases . dictated by the educative level of the aspirant .By the times of ww2 the greek army was a peacetime one in august of 1940 the 14 divisions of infantry , the cavalry division and the three infantry brigades were partially mobilized with reserve officers .at the outbreak of the war in October of the same year the mobilization was completed recalling inclusive officers forced to the retirement for political reasons on the background of the turbulent politics of the country .during this emergency surely more than one NCO was promoted to second lieutnant . How long long would a second lieutnant stay on that rank during wartime ? The answer is for the duration of the war in most cases . but to all rule existed exceptions . and theses were ruled by the circumstances of the individual and the war . 

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Hello Jeff,

An expected time to stay at the rank of 2nd lieutenant in the greek army would be 3 years. However, in wartime period, being promoted for bravery was also possible.

As opposed to the US system, an NCO would eventually become an officer, after about 10 to 15 years I would say.

There are also the reserve officers who are normal conscript soldiers who get officer's training and they used to become officers after 2 years (2nd Lt).

If you have any specific questions, you are wwelcome to contact me with PM.

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