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My grandfather Robert Elwyn Micheal served in the Welsh Fusillers during WW2 but i can not find any reference to him he was a regular soldier. my grandkids want to march on ANZAC Day with my medals and i would like them to march with his too. any help would be appreciated

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As you have found there are not a great many online records regarding WW2 service due to time limits imposed for the release of records.

I believe that as a direct descendant of your Grandfather you can apply for his Service Record via the MOD here in Britain and this will obviously carry a cost.

Try posting your enquiry on the British Medal Forum if you get no other replies, they should be able to assist.

Sorry can't be more helpful,


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Try applying here https://www.gov.uk/get-copy-military-service-records/apply-for-someone-elses-records

You'll need to fill out a Request Form and a Search Form but if you don't have your grandfather's service number you might not get far. The search form does stipulate service number and/or date of birth must be included.

Another problem could be payment, when I applied for my grandfather's record I had to arranged for a relative in the UK to make payment for me as it had to be in Sterling.


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