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Gallipoli Star (real or fake)

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I was thinking about buying this Gallipoli star.  The front side looks beautiful and is very unique.  The enamel appears to be antique, but then again, I don't consider myself an expert.  However, what bothers me most is the fact that there are several casting mistakes on the back side of this award.  It appears to be very rough in places and there is a lot of pitting especially around the balls.  A friend of mine also pointed out some pitting on and around a couple of the balls on the front side (particularly the ball on the 9 o'clock arm). 

Since variants of this award were made in Turkey, Austria, and Germany, I've seen many different examples of this award and I've also heard the quality of workmanship varied from excellent to fair.  Thus, I'd like to hear from some fellow collectors who know a lot more about this award than I do.  Is this medal a fake or is it just a victim of shoddy workmanship (especially on the reverse side)? 


David aka Camelneck




Turkey--My Iron Crescent F.jpg

Turkey--My Iron Crescent R.jpg

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Hello Demir.

I have the same doubt about this example. What do you think?2928833.jpg.ebd09211cc821bdc7ab899059219ee68.jpg




Best Regards



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Hi Lambert,

As you know any medal which was not made during and after the WWI or ordered to a foreign producer (if there is any) by the Ottoman Mint is a replica or a copy (whichever word one prefers) which we consider as period items, because of the fact that people hasn't been able to get their medals from the Ottoman Government after the war so that they supplied their own medals from the German and Austrian manufacturers.

What we are discussing recently was not the ones made during that period but medals produced recently and call them fakes.

IMHO this is a period item, maybe Austrian make because of the style of the tougra. Date is missing. 

Best wishes



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I would disagree with your use of the terms "replica or copy" for period and post war Ottoman awards  made in Germany or Austria.  In English, these terms are almost equal with the term "fake".  Using the terms "period or post war made" would be far more correct.



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Hello Gordon,

Nice to hear from you. Yes you are right, Sometime ago, I remember, in one of the discussions, I have agreed to use those terms. I think this is the only medal in the world which could be produced by some other country and considered to be period item. There was no other way of course to be able to get the medal since there was no Turkish Government.




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