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derek hicks

Major Otto-Friedrich Werner (Luftwaffe) KG257/26

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With some personal service belongings of Werner I have his complete service record. He mainly served Kampfgeschwader 257 and 26.

I need just one piece of the jigsaw to complete my collection...does anyone have or know where I can obtain a photo of this Officer.?.....

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Have you managed to look in the KG-26 history? I don't have it I'm afraid but maybe he is shown in there although as he was only with KG-26 for around a year it might be a long shot.

He certainly seems to of been transferred a lot! For anyone else who might know where to look this is his listing in the Officer Career Summaries:

WERNER, Otto-Friedrich. (DOB: 13.06.12). (i.G.). 01.04.30 pre-military flight training with DVS (to
31.03.31). 01.04.31 Kriegsmarine (officer from 1934). 01.05.35 trf from the Kriegsmarine to the
Luftwaffe and assigned to Fliegerschule 2 (Warnemünde) for Beobachter (observer) training. 01.10.35
promo to Oblt. 01.12.35 trf to Fliegerstaffel (F) (See) at List/Sylt as a Beobachter (observer/navigator).
01.10.36 trf to Kü.Fl.St. 2./Kü.Fl.Gr. 206 at Norderney. 01.07.37 trf to 2.(F)/Kü.Fl.Gr. 106 Hörnum.
01.10.37 trf to Fliegerschule (See) Bug auf Rügen as a gunnery instructor. 15.11.38 at Fliegerwaffenschule (See) Bug auf Rügen. 05.01.39 ordered temporary duty to Höh. Lw.-Schule (Lehrgang 137) (to 31.03.39).
01.02.39 promo to Hptm. 25.08.39 trf to Stab/Luftgaukdo. XI as Ib Fl. 01.11.39 Hptm., trf from
Fl.Waffenschule (See) Bug auf Rügen to Stab/Führer der Seeluft West and appt Ib. 26.07.40 trf to
Ergänzungs-Fliegergruppe (See). 12.08.40 trf to KG 4 and assigned to 6. Staffel. 18.09.40 trf to
1./Kü.Fl.Gr. 906. 26.09.40 Hptm., appt Staka 1./Kü.Fl.Gr. 906. 07.08.41 Hptm., Staka 1./ Kü.Fl.Gr. 906.
02.10.41 trf to Stab/Gen.d.Lw. beim Ob.d.M. and appt Ia. 01.04.42 promo to Maj. 16.04.42 trf to
Stab/Führer d. Seeluftstreitkräfte and appt Ia. 07.42 transferred to Stab/Luftflotte 3. 01.08.42 trf to
Stab/Gen.Kdo. IX. Fliegerkorps and appt Ic. 01.01.43 Maj., trf into the General Staff of the Luftwaffe (did
not attend the Luftkriegsakademie). 13.03.43 ordered temporary duty to Stab/Luftflotte 5 for Ic training
(to 26.03.43). 27.03.43 trf from Genst./IX. Fliegerkorps to Stab/Angriffsführer England and appt Ic.
1943 Maj., reassigned to Stab/General der Kampfflieger. 15.10.43 reassigned to IV./KG 26 for aerial
torpedo training and appt provisional Kommandeur. 11.08.44 Maj., appt Kdr. II./KG 26 (to 02.12.44).
1945 Maj., Ia/Komm.Gen.d.Dt.Lw. in Dänemark (to 08.05.45).

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FANTASTIC!  Thanks very much for that. I've tried so many avenues to obtain a photo.  Even his fellow pilots of KG26 (Reimer Voss, Werner Morath who I met) were unable to help.  I've tried Red Cross Geneva, Germany, USA  to no avail.  The hunt goes on!   Once again your help much appreciated.

I'm mainly into U-boats Wehrpass' now having about 4 in my collection...

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