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Third Reich Field Marshalls & Prussian Order of the Crown

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I was recently doing a bit of research on the awards of Nazi Field Marshalls.  So far I have discovered that at least 3 of Hitler's Field Marshalls (and 1 Generaloberst) were awarded the Prussian Order of the Crown either before or during WW1:

*A) FM Werner von Blomberg (2 awards:  a) 4th class (presumably without swords)  and b) "4th class with swords and crown")
B) FM Gerd Von Rundstedt (4th class) (no mention of swords)
C) FM Fedor Von Bock (4th class) (no mention of swords)
D) Generaloberst Ludwig Beck (4th class) (no mention of swords)

*I found 3 different Internet websites that contained a list of Blomberg's awards.  All 3 of these websites listed Blomberg as being the recipient of two different versions of the Prussian Order of the Crown:  Version 1) Order of the Crown, 4th class (no swords) and 2) Order of the Crown, 4th class with Swords and Crown (Prussia).  (All 3 lists were identical (exact same words, same order, same everything) so all 3 lists came from a common source.) 

I would normally presume that "4th class" (no mention of swords) means "4th class without swords".  However, I thought most military officers received the "with swords" variant.  Thus, I want confirmation.  Unfortunately, all of my information came from the Internet.  Hopefully, someone who has access to more reliable information can provide more reliable information in regards to whether each of these awards was issued "without swords" or "with swords".

QUESTIONS: (all questions can be answered with 1 word)

1a) Was Rundstedt's award with or without swords? 

1b) Was Bock's award with or without swords?

1c) Was Beck's awards with or without swords?   

2a) Did Blomberg receive "one" or "two" variants of the Prussian Order of the Crown?  (variant 1 = no swords, variant 2 = swords). 

2b) If the answer to question 2a) is "two (or 2)", was the 2nd variant "with swords" or was it "with swords and crown"?

2c) Is there a variant of the "Prussian Order of the Crown" that comes with both "swords and a crown"? I've never seen one.  If anybody has one, please post a photo.

3) In regards to the "Prussian Order of the Crown with swords", was the "with swords" variant only awarded during wartime?

This is a lot of questions (7), but each question can be answered in a single word.  However, feel free to use more than one word if you wish.)



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