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Recently, I´ve acquired this badge. Friend sold it to me. I can get back my money if it is not good.  My experience with Imperial uboot badges is equal to none and I would like to start learning.

For now, I can take only photos with my cellphone and this is the best it gets. I provided a scan of the front too.

Hook is bent and I think it´s better not to touch it.

What is your opinion? Is it good badge or fake?  Thank you in advance for your help.










And photos of the hook. 



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5 minutes ago, Eric Stahlhut said:

it's a steinhauer and lueck badge from the 1930s, it's good

It is nice to hear it. :) 

It came with a Imperial uboot pin and Ubootskrieg 1914-1918 book, first edition.  


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Yes, I can confirm, that´s a good one. I have the same from my great grandfather...typical post-war badge.

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