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Ribbon Identification Help Please

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Hi All.

By the looks of it, I think I've stumbled across the right place for help here!

Can anyone help identify the ribbons in this picture? I've got an idea of what they might be but there seems to be some controversy over my finding on a different forum and I'd really appreciate a fresh pair of unimpeded eyes on it.

These ribbons are taken from a picture which would have been taken at some point after 1944 most likely anytime between 1944 and 1955(ish)

Any comments would be appreciated

Clip from the original picture.


Straightened and converted to black and white (don't know if this helps or not)


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Perhaps you might post the entire picture, so we have some idea whether we're looking at a general or a boy scout. 




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Black & White does no good. If you can go back to color. It appears the one on the right may be USAF Marksmanship (Expert) ribbon.No clue on the others (while in B&W)

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