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Atatürk - The Father Of The Turks 1881-19∞

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59105aea9daae_images(6).jpg.7c6e83c43b2c4a9ec89f2efecd67d422.jpgHello Everyone!


I am pretty much new on this site and I would like to know that what you guys think about the greatest leader of 20th century "ATATÜRK" which proven by the history and many nations..

Thanks a lot for your replies have a lovely day!0e0fb49984e443383a4f317fc3827f50.gif.f5faebb1d0fe5719a6467875aa123cab.gif

2017-04-04 18.42.25.jpg

2017-04-04 18.54.28.jpg

images (5).jpg


2017-04-04 18.51.03.jpg



atatürk 2014 full hd 9.jpg



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Wellcome on this forum.

Please keep in mind that this is a military forum not a platform for political discussion or glorify political leaders.  This thread could turn in a controversial discussion.

Kind regards


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ah okay mr.Alex thanks for informing me about this situation... I will try to be more clear for the next time.


Have a nice day


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Hello Alex,

Yes this is a military forum and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a military man, in fact a field marshall at the end who fought against the invading armies with success and founded the Turkish Republic. 

Best wishes





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