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The badges of Fast Division of the Slovak Republic 1939-1945

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The Slovak Republic in 1941 took part together with Nacist Germany in campaign against the USSR.There were not many awards for simple soldiers,so that is why they made some for themselves.Wellknown and popular among them became the badges of Fast Divisions-odznaky Rýchlej divízie.There were many versions of them.

1.type made from bearings metal layed with some chrome.The dimensions of the badge-4x5cm.Weight about 50gr.There were two kinds of them-full and perforated


2.type Light version from aluminium,data 1941-42-43

I would to add the photo of a soldier of Slovak Army with a badge on the pocket and a ceritificate

Badges were worn on the leather hanger.Notice the group of awards,the badge of the Fast Divison is down left.

Down right is the badge of the Fast Division-Crimea-Krim.

At present time I cannot to show the badge for officers made from zinc that was worn on clip.I sold it my friend,but in the future I will ask for it and take the pictures.




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The next badge from the period od the Slovak Republic 1939-1945.

Abbr.SAŠ means-Slovenský aeroklub Štefanika

7,5cmx2,1cm.White metal or bronze.By the way is for sale.

The most popular bagde of general F.Čatloš

.The next picture is from the collection of Militfaler




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The next badge of Rapid Division with holes.Holes were used to sew the badge on the uniform.




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