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This set of shot glasses, one of which has the names of several officers, belonged to someone who served in the Ox & Bucks in WWI. The officers at the top of the glass are beside a 1914 date (to the left), those at the bottom are beside 1916 and those in the second column are listed beside 1918-1919 dates. The container and each glass are labeled C Coy. However, but those listed represent both the 1st and 2nd battalions (Forces of War).  Some were KIA, others not. Officers at the top generally were with the regiment in 1914 but captains and a few lieutenants are in mixed order.  Two captains, Dillon and Ponsonby, are listed twice (1914&15). These cups seem to commemorate something special. Any ideas?

Shot Glass-1.JPG

Shot Glass-2.JPG

Shot Glass-3.JPG

Shot Glass-4 (Set).JPG

Shot Glass-5 Top.JPG

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Interesting set indeed.  Impossible to say exactly what it commemorates, though, without a few more clues. :(

You might be able to get some information by contacting the Royal Green Jackets museum, as the Ox and Bucks were subsumed into that regiment in one of the re-organizations.  Or, possibly, from the Soliders of Oxfordshire Museum: https://www.sofo.org.uk/

Good luck with your enquiries!

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