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Info req: african campaign - insignia

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A google search of african kreigsmarine insignia helped me to locate this forum of a plaque I have thats cast of alloy from the African Corps period. Google identified two images, one exact but made of wood, the other is wood but similar. Would anyone know of any links/forums that could provide information on an item my grandfather brought back from his time in the war? Thankyou


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Welcome to the GMIC, Bruce.  

I'm not sure if I undersatnf your question, but are you asking about who might have made and/or earned this 'award'?  My first guess is that this is a souvenir piece, probably locally made in Libya, Egypt or somewhere similar by local artisans for sale to the occupying troops. A man has to make a living , after all!

I may be totally wrong, however.  Perhaps other members have more concrete info. to contribute.

Again, Welcome.


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