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Unofficial Belgian Medals to identify

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I was reorganizing my medal collection and found some pieces that I haven't identified or know very little about. Maybe some people here know more about them then I do and are willing to share :). Every information is welcome.

All of them are (presumed) Belgian and military (or war) related.

1) (mini) I have no clue

2) Came with some sort of membershipcard (last pic), 

3) Read somewhere that it is related with the field army (Veldleger) but have no idea which oranisation A.N.V. - N.V.V. is.

4) Oueverture Nationale de Service Social aux Familles de Militaires (O.N.S.S.F.M.) - Nationale Instelling voor Sociale Dienstbetoon aan de Gezinnen van Militairen (N.I.S.D.G.M.) - Translated: National Institution for Social Service to Families of Servicemen. No idea what this institution did or why this medal was awarded (probably for long membership or aiding the institution).

5) Read somewhere that it was awarded to American soldiers who liberated the city of Liege but found no futher info.

6) Probably from a veteran organization of the 2nd Infantry Brigade "Yser" (Free Belgian Forces). Maybe given to soldiers who returned from the occupation in Germeny in 1946. I found that this brigade served there from 1945 till 1946. The B.A.O.R. may indicate they where part of the British Army of the Rhine.











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The third from the left

Insigne de l'association Nationale de volontaires du 11.11.1918 au 28.06.1919 de l'armée de campagne.

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Hello Vincent,

second from left is a Belgian commemoration medal of the Rhine Army post WWII ( veteranorganisation.) Medal exist in gilt, silver coloured and bronze

Third from left: Nationale vereniging der vrijwilligers  veldleger 11/11/1918- 28/6/1919. Some time ago I sent you some information about Militaria Belgica . You can find detailed info on page 49 of an 1992 issue. Also exists in gilt, silver coloured and bronze.


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Thank you for the reply.

@Jef: Indeed ... and I forgot to check it again :blush: ... it was probably due that article that I remember something about the field army.



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