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Identification of a Norwegian WW2 freedom fighter

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Gents, I hoping for a little help in identifying a Norwegian freedom fighter, I'm hoping some of our Norwegian members would use their knowledge here.

The man on this photo is my now deceased fathers cousin, I found the picture some years ago but my fathers memory faded and he could not remember his cousins name anymore.

I do have some clues about this person based on what my father could remember:

1. One of my fathers mothers (my grandmother) cousins were Max Manus, so he could be related to him, but I'm not sure of the family relations in Norway

2. He was quite upset about the German occupation and joined the resistance forces quite early in the war, my father remembered he was quite "active".

3. He was killed by the Germans during the war, this photo is dated 22/11-1942 on the reverse, assuming this is the date the photo were taken he must have been alive by then

4. He's last name could be "Bogstad", but this is based on my fathers family name and may not be so.

Regards, Lars




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