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Kingdom of Romania - Order of Cultural Merit

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Somewhat out of my field of Arabian awards and I am trying to research this order  - see attached miniature - and the most concise online source (wawards.org) I have found states:

Order instituted on 19 July 1931.

  • Order awarded to Romanian citizens and foreigners for outstanding achievements in the field of culture, art and science.
  • Order have 4 grades: Commander, Officer, Knight 1st Class, and Knight 2nd Class.
  • Order divided into eight categories: literature; science; arts, music and theatre; general culture; religion; education; sports and scouting; civil guard. Each category have individual ribbon.

On line I have seen blue/purple or red crosses (breast badges) with our without crowns and I have also seen gilt and silver medals - are these the knight grades? Is there list of the different ribbons applicable to each category? Is the Commander a neck badge? How scarce are these awards?

Many thanks,




Romania Miniature Obverse.jpg

Romania Miniature Reverse.jpg

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Although Romanian decorations are not my filed I I did a little research some time ago about that particular order. Like you said it has four grades, commander (worn around the neck), officer (breast decoration with crown, gilded), knight 1st class (same as officer but not gilded) and knight 2nd class (without crown). 
Every category has its own ribbon, I think white with purple edges is for literature.
Apart from the order there are also medals, if I remember well in two classes.

PS Romania is placed in the "Central & Eastern European States" category, maybe the topic would attract more attention there.

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Paja, Many thanks for the information and the correction - I have reposted in Eastern Europe! Owain

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Paja, Great - many thanks, Owain

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