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I do hope the courage of ordinary people in the face of mindless criminality will be marked by awards - there are several stories worthy of at least a George Medal.

However, I think we should consider the establishment of a terrorism-specific award on the lines of the Spanish Royal Order for Civil Recognition of the Victims of Terrorism (Real Orden de Reconocimiento Civil a las Víctimas del Terrorismo).

Oddly enough a Spanish man who demonstrated great bravery by taking on one of the criminals with a skateboard and sadly lost his life has been awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit by his home nation instead.

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Had the pleasure of attending the Colonels Review, Trooping the Colour at Horse Guards on Saturday and as one would expect, security was very intense with a huge Uniformed Police contingent on duty.

Having served in both the Guards and the Police I was very pleased at the general public's attitude toward the Police Officers on duty with many compliments and thank you messages being directed at individual Officers on duty.

Makes the job a little easier I am sure and reminds us all that here in Great Britain we still 'Police by Consent' with the support and thanks of the Majority of the population. 

Regards Simon


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