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John Gant

Oman Gallantry Medals

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I am new to this forum, but interested in Omani medals.  There was one early query that I may be albe to answer, and that is in respect of the miniature Omani emblem found on the ribbon of the Sultan's Bravery Medal (WB),and SOMETIMES on the Sultan's Distinguished Service Medal.(WKhM).  The awarding of medals for gallantry to officers has traditionally followed the British system whereby a single act of gallantry performed by a Field Officer (Major and above) would be a DSO : whereas the same act performed by a Junior Officer (Captain and below) would be awarded a Military Cross.  In Oman this system was replicated in general by the award of a Bravery Medal representing a DSO, and a Distinguished Service Medal (for Gallantry) representing the MC.  To differentiate and identify a Distinguished Service Medal for Gallantry from a Distinguished Service Medal then the former was issued with the miniature Omani emblem the same as the Bravery Medal, and was written (in English) as the WkhM (G).

All such awards are listed by name and date in Ashly Tinson's excellent book.

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John, Welcome to the forum. Arab awards are nigh impossible to research, but Tinson's book is beacon of light in the darkness and one of the very few books on Arabic awards. This forum represents the other great source of information. Kind regards, Owain

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