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this nice picture took quite some time to ID.

Here are the facts:

Officer in the uniform of "Lippische Fuessiliere", which were integrated in 1867 in the Prussian army (IR No.55).
The age might be around 45 and older.
The photo was taken in Cologne.
He is wearing:
Prussian Order of the crown 4th class with swords (at the blue ribbon for Non-Prussians!)
Lippe housorder 3rd class (the 4th class didn´t exist yet)
Prussian war medal 1866 (non-combatant ribbon ? )
Lippe-Detmold war medal 1866

These facts usually would be sufficient for an easy identifaction.....would...

Unfortunately no Lippe-officer awarded the KO4X and the DETMOLD house order 3rd class, but a look into Schaumburg rolls shows the desaster.

This officer can only be Obermilitaerarzt Dr. Dietrich Schuster, Lippischer Füsilier until 1867, when he retired from the military service.
He got in 1869 surprisingly from Schaumburg the house order 3rd class, although he was born and lived in Lippe-Detmold!

Why he is wearing the triangle ribbons, I don´t know.
It´s also strange, that he didn´t get the Prussian war medal for 1848/1849...

Best regards





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the photographer was one of the most prominent members of his profession and therefore top address in Cologne at that time.


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could you please scan the reverse and post it. Maybe i can date it more accurate than just state that it is 2nd half of the 1860s.


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